Founded in 1995 by avid recreational anglers, Coastal Conservation Association Virginia helps protect, conserve and rebuild the Commonwealth’s marine resources in Chesapeake Bay and the state’s Atlantic’s coastal waters. We focus our efforts on sport fish and forage and also work to restore marine habitat, especially oyster reefs.

CCA Virginia advocates for commonsense, science-based fishery management as well as engages the public to help protect and conserve the Commonwealth’s unique natural resources and anglers' access to them.

The CCA Story

Created in 1977 to reverse the drastic impacts of commercial overfishing along the Texas coast that decimated redfish and speckled trout populations, fourteen concerned recreational anglers met at a local tackle shop and created the Gulf Coast Conservation Association. Only four years later, gill nets along the Texas coast were outlawed and both red drum and speckled trout were declared “game fish.”

The “Save the Redfish” campaign spread across the Gulf, and by 1985 chapters had formed from Louisiana to Florida. About a decade later, two Chesapeake chapters were formed. Although fish species are different, the challenges facing them are often the same on all coasts – destructive commercial gear, degraded habitat and misguided management concepts.

CCA members have proven time and again that we are the best stewards of the marine environment. We work to protect not only the health, habitat and sustainability of our marine resources, but also the interests of recreational anglers and their access to the resources they cherish.

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