CCA & Partners build oyster reef balls on Northern Neck

(Irvington, VA) – On Aug. 9 and Aug. 10, Coastal Conservation Association brought its “Living Reef Action Campaign” (LRAC) to Virginia’s Northern Neck to build reef balls with CCA members and volunteer community conservationists. The event was co-hosted by local businesses Tackle Cove Outfitters and ReFuel Irvington.

Three-dimensional reef balls help restore the Chesapeake’s marine habitats, improve water quality and enhance recreational fishing. The concrete structures resemble small igloos and provide substrate that oysters and other filter feeders to attach to, as well attract myriad bait fish and game fish like red drum, stripers and croakers. Reef ball builds like the one in Irvington is a recent example of CCA’s commitment to  connecting Bay communities to what is often out of sight beneath Chesapeake waters.

LRAC is CCA’s flagship habitat and education program in Chesapeake Bay that engages students and communities throughout the region. Since 2015, LRAC has engaged with thousands of students and community members across 18 counties in Maryland and Virginia in hands-on, educational experiences that help improve the Bay’s health while inspiring stewardship of our marine resources.

“The Irvington reef ball build is an exciting step forward in CCA and our partners’ ongoing efforts to expand our habitat work throughout the Commonwealth,” said Chris Dollar, conservation consultant for CCA in Chesapeake Bay. “Working with schools, communities and other partners, we’ll ramp up efforts to build more habitat in Virginia waters to improve marine life and provide better opportunities for anglers.”

Volunteers from Virginia’s Northern Neck helped CCA Virginia build reef balls in early August. These three-dimensional structures help restore the Chesapeake’s marine habitats, improve water quality, and enhance recreational fishing.

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