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There are many ways to help CCA Virginia throughout they year, and they all start with letting us know that you're ready! We need volunteer support in growing awareness of our work, supporting our events, participating in reef ball habitat projects, and helping connect families and youth to conservation and fishing.  With every volunteer, or new person engaged in CCA Virginia, we gain the strength we need to do great things together.

virginia state capitol

We must let our elected officials and government leaders know that protecting and conserving the Bay’s marine resources should be a top priority. All in Virginia benefit from clean water, abundant fisheries, and improved habitats.  Please lend your voice to our work. 


By joining CCA you will become a part of the largest organization of it’s kind in the country. We have over 130k members through 19 member states, including Virginia. Find out how you can start a chapter in your area of Virginia, helping us ensure a bright future for our shared resources and your access to them.

woman stand up fly fishing

It is a privledge to have access to such diverse and awe inspiring resources that the Chesapeake region provides.  Use these helpful resources to better understand how you can limit your impact on our fisheries, and continue to share your passion for the outdoors with future generations. 

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