Coastal Resilience

The evidence is clear: Climate change is fueling more frequent and intense weather events that spawn floods and storm surges. In addition to damaging coastal communities, these severe storms accelerate habitat loss and contribute to the Bay’s poor water quality, which negatively impacts numerous aquatic and marine resources.

Natural and man-made habitats can provide cost-effective and sustainable solutions to help mitigate the increasing challenges brought about by climate change. Habitats buffer shorelines from intense storm surges and sea-level rise, acting as natural breakwaters that help dissipate wave energy.

preventing erosion with artificial reefs

The Chesapeake region’s population is expected to continue to grow, which is likely to increase these habitat challenges as well as threaten to slow the growth and hinder the enjoyment of recreational fishing and boating.

what we're doing

Coastal Resilience

CCA Virginia stands ready to partner with state and federal natural resource agencies and other organizations to bring our reef building experience and network of members and supporters to help protect and restore more marine habitats. 

Only through partnerships and expanding nearshore habitat structures, can we strengthen resilience for the Commonwealth’s communities, coastal lifestyles and important businesses which rely on our shorelines and waterways. 

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