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Chesapeake Academy Reef Ball Build – Day 1

Sep 20 @ 9:30 am - 12:30 pm

Reef Ball Build FAQs

What is a Reef Ball?

Reef balls are a specially designed artificial reef unit that are used worldwide to build and restore reef habitat. Here in the Chesapeake, reef balls provide important three-dimensional habitat for oysters and many other filtering organisms to attach to. They also provide hollow structure for juvenile fish and crabs to hide from predators. Yes, it’s those predators we pursue as anglers, so reef balls also make some great fishing spots too.

What am I volunteering to do?

You will be outside in teams (or individually) to assemble reef ball molds and then help fill the reef balls with concrete that is mixed by hand, with a small electric mixer, or in some instances, from a concrete truck.

Depending which day you attend, you may remove the molds from previously built reef balls first and set molds up for another pour later that day. If you are volunteering at a school, your main task will be ensuring that our student participants are working in a safe and proper fashion, and you might be asked to help lift concrete bags or perform other tasks that are difficult for the students.

Can I bring a group of friends or colleagues?

Yes! There is no maximum sized group to participate. At schools or with companies we generally build 15-20 reef balls per day. We can also add to that number with additional molds for the right group and location.

To discuss organizing a reef ball building activity for your group or company, please contact us.

What should I wear?

We’d recommend long pants and multiple layers in light colors. For one, lighter colors are cooler in the sun. What’s the second reason? Some say that biting flies seem to be more attracted to darker fabrics.

Bring layers and changes of clothes based on your own assessment of the weather. We have gloves you can borrow. Closed toed shoes are best, especially ones that you can get dirty.

I have more questions

Email admin@ccavirginia.org and one of our staff or volunteers will be in touch.


Reef Ball Build

Can't attend? Please consider making a donation to support all of our efforts to protect recreational fishing and marine habitats for future generations.

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