Speak Up for Stripers!

Striped bass are in trouble and are in need of conservation action. Draft Addendum II, initiated by the Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission, aims to reduce removals in 2024 by 14.5% when compared to estimates from the 2022 fishing year. Yet, it does not contain a full suite of options that will enact this reduction across all sectors. Coastal Conservation Association (CCA) supports measures (see below) that reduce fishing mortality and require all users of the striped bass resource to share this conservation burden in a fair and equitable manner.   

CCA created its “Anglers’ Guide”  to help Chesapeake and mid-Atlantic anglers as well as the general public understand and navigate the options outlined in Addendum II. It also contains suggested talking points for anglers to consider when submitting a public comment.

To gather public input, marine resources agencies along the East Coast have scheduled hearings to consider management measures designed to support stock rebuilding. The Chesapeake region schedule is below.

Take Action now to help stripers.

Read the complete Draft Addendum II

CCA’s Preferred Options

  • Recreational Coast: Option B – Status Quo 28-31” for all fisheries. (14.1% reduction)
  • Recreational Bay: Option B1 19-23”(22.4% reduction)  or  B2 – 19-24” (15.9% reduction).
  • Commercial: 14.5% reduction in quota
  • Board Response: B. Board Action. 
  • Implementation dates:  ASAP.

Submitting Comments

Deadline for public comment is 11:59 p.m. (EST) on December 22, 2023. Email comments to: comments@asmfc.org; write “Striped Bass Draft Addendum II” in subject line.

Chesapeake Region Public Hearings

In-Person: Thursday, Dec. 7

Virtual: Tuesday, Dec. 12

In-Person: Wednesday, Dec 6

Maryland Dept. of Natural Resources
6 p.m. – 8 p.m.

Hearing Location
Calvary United Methodist Church, Basement Room
301 Rowe Blvd, Annapolis, MD 21401
Contact: Michael Luisi; (443) 758-6547

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